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Operating Practices

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Updated on 01-03-2011

CWA Local 7400 Operating Practices



PRESIDENT . . . . . . . . $484.66
SEC-TREAS  $313.46



SGT-AT-ARMS  $54.70


Article I. Reimbursements

(A) Officers, Executive Board Members and Chief Stewards will not normally be allowed any mileage allowance for travel on Union business in and about the city.

(B) Travel Allowance: Any mileage on or for Union business which entails driving out of the city for conferences, conventions, etc. will be paid at the current IRS rate, when approved by the President.

(C) All mileage for the reasons stated in Paragraph 2 over 200 miles one way, when a Member drives his or her personal automobile, will be paid at the commercial bus fare.

(D) Reimbursed Expense: Officers, Executive Board Members and Chief Stewards will be reimbursed for meal expense and other expenses incurred on Union business when approved by the President.

(E) Per Diem to all Members will be the IRS allowable for that city. (Revised 4-11-2006)

(F) The Executive Board may increase the Per Diem amount when it deems necessary. This will be done at our Executive Board Meeting and so noted in the minutes.

(G) Anytime an Officer, Executive Board Member and Chief Steward needs U.A. time, it must first be approved by the President. He or she will then normally be paid at the basic rate.

(H) In the case of a Director Advertising Representative, he or she will be paid at the rate that is used to base his or her Union dues on.


(A) All DAR's pay on the Directory Representative Schedule 321. (697.00 per week)$34.86 per month.

(B) DAR's get no COLA

(C) At no time will any differential be paid, whether it be sub-foreman or in-charge.

(D) However: Night Differential shall be paid if the U.A. absence is on a day when the Member would draw the differential if he or she were working.


(A) Travel Allowance: Members will be paid at the current IRS rate for Union Business in and about the city such as attending Meeting, etc., when approved by the President.($.32.5 - as of 1-98)

(B) All mileage for the above reasons over 200 miles when driven by personal automobile will be paid at the bus fare.

(C) Reimbursed Expense: Members will be paid for expenses incurred when on business for the Union and such expense as meals when attending conferences, meetings, etc. when approved by the President.

(D) Union Activities: Members will be paid for U.A. time normally at the basic rate when the absence is authorized by the President. At no time will any differential be paid whether it be sub-foreman or in-charge.

(E) However, night differential shall be paid if the U.A. absence is on a day when the Member would draw the differential if he or she were working.


Section 1 Absences

(A) Any time an Officer, Executive Board Member or Chief Steward is on vacation, or is absent from the job for any other reason, notice must be given to the President. The President must know the whereabouts of the Executive Board Members at all times.

Section 2 Procedure for Stewards:

(A) Stewards will be the responsibility of their respective Chief Steward of the department.

(B) When new Stewards are appointed, or Stewards are removed from the Stewards list, the President will be notified.

(C) It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board Member to see that all of his or her Stewards attend Stewards School.

(D) It is the responsibility of the Executive Board Member to hold Steward Meetings is his or her department.


(A) The Executive Board may act at Executive Board Meetings to authorize action which will enable the Local to engage in its duties, which are in accordance with the Local By-Laws and the CWA Constitution.

(B) These actions will be reported to the Membership as directed by the Local By-Laws.

Article VI. Day to Day Expenses of the Local.

(A) In order to operate the Local and maintain the office and building maintenance expense, the Secretary-Treasurer will pay these bills on a timely manner, with the approval of the Local President.

(B) Any extra-ordinary expense, however, must be approved by the Executive Board, and in extreme cases, such as large maintenance problems or office and building improvements, must be approved by the Local Membership and so noted in the Membership Meeting Minutes.

(C) Extra-ordinary expense will be determined by the Executive Officers and recommended to the Executive Board so these cases can then be presented to the Membership for approval.


As amended by the Membership on June 14, 1983.

(A) The Executive Board may act to contribute monies from the General Fund to individual charitable organizations, not to exceed $350.00 in any one calendar year.

(B) Any such contributions shall be reported to the Membership in the Secretary-Treasurer's Report at the regular Membership Meeting.


(A) Proposed changes or additions to the Local By-Laws must be reduced to writing and shall include the following:
     Brief description of intent
     The exact language of the proposed changes or additions

(B) Proposals must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer upon announcement of the Membership Meeting.

(C) All Members present at the Membership Meeting shall receive a written copy of the proposed change prior to voting on said proposal.

(D) These guidelines are intended to establish a simple orderly procedure for initiating By-Law changes, and do not supersede existing By-Laws.


Per Diem will be the IRS allowable for that city


Revised 4/11/2006

(A) Advances will be 100% of the relating city maximum amount up front.

(B) IRS allowable per diem is to be used to cover transportation to and from the hotel and meal expenses. No receipts for these expenses will be required.

(C) Boarding pass receipts and hotel receipts MUST be turned into the Local Secretary-Treasurer upon return home. These expenses are billed to the Local's credit card and receipts must be attached to the credit card bill for these expenses.

(D) Representatives of the Local will receive one phone call per day of reasonable length while away from home on Union Business. This is NOT part of the daily per diem.


(A) SERGEANT-AT-ARMS - Is appointed by the Executive Board, and serves at the pleasure of the Executive Board.

(B) Expense Allowance to be set by the Executive Board Effective:
     January 1, 1982 - $25.00 per month
     March 1, 1983-$50.00 per month (Exec Bd Min-2-83)
     January 1, 1986-$60.00 per month (Exec Bd Min-1-86) January 1,1987-$65.00 per month (Exec Bd Min-1-87)
     November 1, 2010 $54.70 per month (Membership Mtg 10- 2010)

(C)Reports to the Secretary-Treasurer

Section 2 Duties:

(A) Prepare the Hall for' the General Membership Meeting.

(B) See that the chairs are in place before each meeting.

(c) Picking up chairs and cleaning the hall after the meeting will NOT be the responsibility of the Sgt-At-Arms. Executive Board Members will take turns taking care of this.

(D) To purchase refreshments for meetings and see that they are setup for each meeting.

(E) To complete various duties assigned to him or her by the Secretary-Treasurer or the President

(F) Pass out any literature to Members at meetings and seeing to it that the Members sign the attendance sheet. Be responsible for any raffles at Meetings.

(G) Will be allowed to take U.A. time for business when approved by the Secretary-Treasurer.


(A) Upon Involuntary Separation from Payroll, due to a force surplus situation, all Members in good standing, who have at least one (1) year of continuous Membership, shall receive, upon their termination of employment, a matching pen & pencil set from Local 7400, in appreciation of service to the Union.

(B) This provision includes any and all inducements in which a Member may choose to leave the payroll on a voluntary basis, to help resolve any surplus condition.

(c) For the intent and purpose of this provision, the term "Voluntary/Involuntary Separation from Payroll" shall be defined as, "termination from employment, of all companies, subsidiaries, represented and non-represented entities, of all employers under the jurisdiction of Local 7400 and its International Union.

(D) Administration and continuation of this operating practice shall be governed by the Local Executive Board.

Article X111. Chief Stewards & Stewards


(A) 3 Year Term.

(B) Appointed by the Vice President, or election held.

(C) The appointment will be announced at the Membership Meeting.

(D) If challenged, it must be done within 60 days of the announcement, and must be at a Membership Meeting.

(E) If challenged at a Membership Meeting by a Member from the represented group, an election of the represented group would be held.

(F) The election process will be determined by the Executive Board and shall be completed by the end of the first quarter following the election of Local Officers. 3 year term to expire 3 years from that quarter.

(G) If a vacancy occurs a Chief Steward will be appointed to serve the remainder of the term.

(H) A petition for recall of Chief Steward:

a. May be preferred by twenty percent (20%) of the Membership represented.

b. Shall be in writing and signed by the accusing Members.

(I) All recall votes of the Membership represented must meet the procedural requirements which apply to the election of Officers.

Section 2 STEWARDS

(A) Appointed by the Chief Steward.

(B) If challenged at a Membership Meeting by a Member from the represented group, an election of the represented group would be held.

(C) Chief Stewards will determine the number of Stewards needed for a group.

(D) Stewards can be removed by the Chief Steward, Vice President and/or President.

(E) The removed Steward has the right to appeal the decision at a Membership Meeting within 60 days.


(A) This will be an annual scholarship subject to action by the Membership of Local 7400.

(B) The scholarship will be implemented as of this date October 10, 1978.

(C) As amended on May 4, 1985, the fund will be known as the "James W. Crews Memorial Scholarship Fund".

(D) The fund will be administered by the Secretary-Treasurer of Local 7400.

Section 2 PURPOSE

(A) The purpose of this scholarship is to assist in the achievement of higher education.

(B) The recipient must be a full time student, carrying not less than 12 credit hours per semester, and with the intent of receiving their Bachelors Degree, and attending a recognized accredited college or university on a continuing basis, specifically a four year college or university.
     As amended on April 12, 1988.

(C) The recipient may also be eligible when attending, with designated credits and certification, a Community College or Technical Institution on a full time basis.

(D) The recipient must provide proof of enrollment for classes which commence within the same calendar year as the drawing which provides the scholarship.


(A) The Scholarship payments shall be limited to the years needed to complete the four years in order to gain a Bachelors Degree.

(B) Where the conditions exists, where a recipient has already completed some years towards the Bachelors Degree, only subsequent years until the 4 ears are completed will be eligible for the Scholarship.
Example: If a recipient, who wins the Scholarship, has already completed some semesters at the time of winning, only the years or semesters left prior to gaining a Bachelors Degree, will be eligible for payment.


(A) Applicants for the scholarship can be: any member, retired member who meets eligibility requirements of Article XXIV of Local 7400 Bylaws, or immediate family member of a Local 7400 Member.

(B) Immediate family members eligible for the drawing are: Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Stepchild, Grandchild or any dependent of a member when that member is a legal guardian of the Dependent.

Section 5 AMOUNT

(A) $1,500.00 per Drawing.

(B) The recipient will be given the first payment of $750.00 upon proof of enrollment in an accredited college or university. The second payment of $750.00 will be paid with proof of enrollment for the next semester.

Section 6 AMOUNT

As amended May 5, 1981.
Effective drawing date 1981.

(A) $2,000.00 per year totaling 4 years.

(B) The recipient will receive the first payment of $1,000.00 upon proof of enrollment in an .accredited college, university or technical institute. The second payment of $1,000.00 for the second semester will be paid with proof of enrollment for that semester and proof of completion of full-time requirements for the previous semester for which the recipient has received payment from this scholarship.

(c) Recipients shall be eligible for payment under the above requirements for three (3) additional years with proof of enrollment and appropriate proof of completion of the requirements for each semester for a total of four (4) years, which shall complete the eligibility of the recipient.

(D)In the category of Community College or Technical Institution, the payment of the scholarship may adjusted to fit into the criteria of the course or courses registered for. The length of the terms of registration may be 18 months or 2 years. Therefore an adjustment in the scholarship benefit will be made.


As amended October 2010 by Membership Action

Same as above except the amount will be changed to $500.00 instead of $1000.00 per Semester

Section 7 DRAWING

As amended January 1995.

(A) Limit is one entry per active member, for a period not to exceed four (4) years from their effective retirement date, retired members who meet eligibility requirements of Article XXIV of Local 7400 Bylaws are also eligible for an entry in the drawing. The drawing will be held during the March Membership Meeting of each year, starting in 1996. The applicants must enter on forms provided by the Local 7400 Office. Starting with the 1996 drawing, these forms must be received in Local 7400 office or postmarked by the last day of February.

(B) THERE WILL BE FOUR NAMES DRAWN The first name drawn will be the Scholarship Recipient. The next three (3) names drawn in order will be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Alternates.

(D) Alternates would succeed the original. recipient should the original recipient elect not to continue, be unable to continue, or be declared in default. The amount of scholarship available to each succeeding alternate would decrease by the amount used by any preceding recipient.

(E) No right or benefit at anytime under this Fund shall be subject in any manner to alienation, sales, transfer, pledge or encumbrance of any kind.

(F) No person shall be entitled to or have any vested right in or claim benefits, except expressly set forth here in.

Section 8 DEFAULT

(A) The Executive Board of Local 7400 will review any extenuating circumstances to determine if a default situation exists.

(B) The Executive Board of Local 7400 shall have the power to declare the Scholarship Award in default.

(C) It will be the recipient's responsibility to inform the Executive Board of any extenuating circumstance within thirty (30) days of that circumstance.

(D) The Scholarship Award will be considered to be in default if the recipient fails to provide satisfactory proof of enrollment in, and completion of, full-time scholastic requirements.